I haven’t written much since 2013, but look for thoughts on Product Management this year.

My path from medicine into technology

Back in 2011, I stopped researching vaccines at Mass General Hospital and dropped my plans for med school. I bundled up my stuff, moved to San Francisco became a Software Engineer. It seemed crazy at the time but has turned my career into a rewarding one.

From 2011 – 2013, I thought and wrote about code, especially about how people use Ruby, Python & Clojure.

  • Clojure: All grown up. I want to convince you of one thing: You should adopt Clojure. It will simplify your coding life, speed up product development. It will clarify how you think about structure and complexity. And—if you like avoiding unnecessary frustration and boilerplate—it will make you happy.
  • Ruby is beautiful (but I’m learning Python). The Ruby language is beautiful and primed for the Web. But for data analysis, I learned Python.
  • Ruby vs. Python: A quick look. This is a quick breakdown of some differences between these two powerful languages.
  • The ‘ugliness’ of Python. This is a look at functions and objects in my favorite languages. In 2010, I decided to learn Python. I realized that even though Ruby is a powerful language, it doesn’t have the community support I need for science coding. Then in 2011, I began to appreciate Python’s style, and took a fresh look at ‘Is Python ugly?’