Hi, I’m David

I’m a Product Manager/Engineer at Hired and was previously Founding Engineer at Minerva. I care about crafting products that make life more satisfying.

Thoughts on tech

When time, inspiration, and a rainy day strike (so, almost never in California), I put my thoughts down here. Some of my favorite musings are about tech. Look for more in 2016!


Clojure: All grown up

I want to convince you of one thing: You should adopt Clojure. It will simplify your coding life, speed up product development. It will clarify how you think about structure and complexity. And—if you like avoiding unnecessary frustration and boilerplate—it will make you happy.


Things I’ve made

I enjoy creating products that people love to use or that make life better in some way. And I like experimenting, too. Here are some of my past projects and experiments.


Minerva Active Learning Forum

The Minerva Active Learning Forum is a digital learning environment that gives Minerva students freedom to be around the world while taking classes. As a team, we’ve designed and built a seminar environment that is seamless and closely tied to our Active Learning philosophy. I had the privilege of architecting the Active Learning Forum from its inception.

Open Source