Hi, I’m David

I’m a Product Manager & Engineer at Hired and was previously Founding Engineer at Minerva.

I use rapid prototypes, user research, and data analysis to build products that make life more satisfying.

Things I’ve made

I enjoy creating products that people love to use or that make life better in some way. And I like experimenting, too. Here are some of my past projects and experiments.


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    Hired Search

    Hired Search

    I’ve dedicated my time at Hired to expanding and streamlining the Search product. I’ve also been heavily involved in product strategy around Search. My initiatives significantly have improved the search-to-hire funnel, simplified the UX while handling more regions and verticals, added boolean search, and captured employer demand much more comprehensively.

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    Minerva Active Learning Forum

    Minerva Active Learning Forum

    I architected, built, and launched the foundation of the Minerva Active Learning Forum. The Learning Forum is a digital learning environment, like Google Hangouts for the classroom, that gives Minerva students freedom to be around the world while taking classes. It is based on live video and real-time interactions. As a team, we designed and built a seminar environment that is seamless and closely tied to our Active Learning philosophy. 

Open Source

  • Stats

    An experimental user-friendly stats library in Ruby

  • ML

    A set of machine learning experiments in Clojure

  • DNA Tools

    Some experiments with NCBI tools for analyzing DNA sequences.

  • Mint

    A hacker’s publishing tool

  • Letters

    A tiny debugging library for Ruby

  • Wit.io

    The personal site I use to explore new technology

Thoughts on tech

When time, inspiration, and a rainy day strike (so, almost never in California), I put my thoughts down here. Some of my favorite musings are about building product. Look for more in 2017!


  • Clojure: All grown up

    I want to convince you of one thing: You should adopt Clojure. It will simplify your coding life, speed up product development. It will clarify how you think about structure and complexity. And—if you like avoiding unnecessary frustration and boilerplate—it will make you happy.


With 14 years’ coding coding experience (~6 professional), I’m a seasoned product guy. When you work with me, you can expect:

  • Full-stack product. Whether you’re looking for a specific frontend role or a general “discover and build my product” role, I can lend my T-shaped expertise to your project. I have particularly deep knowledge of the current frontend landscape, UX, and user testing.
  • Judgment. I bring a mature-but-current perspective to your product, built up over 14 years of learning.
  • Quality & speed. These are often a tradeoff, but with enough experience, you learn to get both at the same time.
  • Communication. Great products are built in teams, and I have a lot of respect for streamlined communication and feedback.

I regularly write and maintain large codebases using React, Redux, object-oriented CSS, Rails, Django REST and Clojure. I also know my way around Linux and devops with Chef.

Interested in working together? Let’s get in touch.