The Blog

When I can, I write. I’m hoping to write and research more in 2017. You can find the sum of all human knowledge in my blog (okay, ‘give or take a few orders of magnitude’).

  • Clojure: All grown up

    I want to convince you of one thing: You should adopt Clojure. It will simplify your coding life, speed up product development. It will clarify how you think about structure and complexity. And—if you like avoiding unnecessary frustration and boilerplate—it will make you happy.

  • My path from medicine into technology

    Last month, I stopped researching vaccines at Mass General Hospital. I bundled up my stuff, moved to San Francisco, and joined Pivotal Labs as a software engineer. What is it that drives a person with a passion for medicine into the world of startups? I think I’m in a good place to answer that question.

  • The ‘ugliness’ of Python

    This is a look at functions and objects in my favorite languages. Last year as a Rubyist, I decided to learn Python. I realized that even though Ruby is a powerful language, it doesn’t have the community support I need for science coding. Now I appreciate Python’s style, and I’d like to take a fresh look at ‘Is Python ugly?’

  • Ruby and Python: a quick comparison

    Python and Ruby seem similar. They’re dynamic, flexible and expressive. But everyone knows we don’t use them the same way. Here’s a brief look, sans analysis, at pivot points that (I think) define how different they are.

  • Ruby is beautiful (but I’m learning Python)

    The Ruby language is beautiful. And I think it deserves to break free from the Web. But for now, I’ll need to analyze data in Python.