Hired Search

The short version

  • Optimized the search hiring funnel by 20%
  • Enhanced our understanding of employer demand through search by 37%
  • Added boolean search experience and saved searches for power users
  • Overhauled the search product with sophisticated filters that allowed geographic expansion

At Hired, I owned Search—the product employers use to find great candidates. To support rapid growth, I created a strategy for scaling up the search experience as more candidates joined the platform. I paired that strategy with a near-term agile roadmap.

Courtesy of Hired.

I drove Search forward using hypothesis-driven approach. (That is, I set out goals and potential ways of meeting those goals—and then set up an experiment roadmap to validate those hypotheses.) Experimentation is my go-to way to build product. It’s effective, it’s efficient, and it gives everyone results that are hard to argue with.

While at Hired, my team overhauled the search experience with a modern, intuitive UI—built to handle any market/geography we decided to expand into. I drove up product quality, captured 37% more information about employer demand for our machine learning algorithms, and optimized the search-to-hire funnel by ~20%.