DNA Tools

DNA Tools are a set of experimental tools for dealing with DNA sequences for the purposes of cloning. The core feature set is a work in progress but aims to see how cloning could be made more straightforward.


I’m playing with DNA tools for a few different reasons:

  • DNA manipulation and visualization is pretty great
  • I’m interested in exploring more of the NCBI dataset
  • I’m interested in seeing what segments of lab workflows we might automate better


This project uses the NCBI Entrez toolset and API, primarily for nucleotide sequences.

I’m actively experimenting with features and with architectural patterns. Currently, the app will let you search for gene sequences and metadata by name (instead of by accession number + strand + start and end positions). (There’s more to come!)


The next features I plan to build out include:

  • Primer design
  • PCR suggestions
  • Intelligent PCR batching by temperature
  • BLASTn implementation
  • BLASTx implementation
  • BLAST visualization

Technical points

This project showcases a number of modern Javascript and HTML techniques:

  • ReactJS powers the view
  • Fluxxor controls application state, though I’m currently partial to Redux
  • The layout leverages flexbox
  • The Promise is used to coordinate HTTP requests for gene lookups
  • ES6 features, like arrow functions, classes, and destructuring, simplify the look of the code