I drive product through metrics, statistics, user research, and a deep understanding of technology.

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At Microsoft, I led growth for Visual Studio Team Services on the Web. I honed our messaging for new audiences and significantly boosted conversion rates through experimentation.

Before Microsoft, I worked at a series of startups in San Francisco—getting everyone a job they love …

Hired Search


As Product Manager at Hired, I owned the Search product for employers. I drove the product strategy, UX, and implementation, and my initiatives have significantly optimized the employer hiring funnel.

… and pushing higher education forward with cutting-edge technology …

Minerva Active Learning Forum

Minerva Schools

I architected, built, and launched the foundation of the Minerva Active Learning Forum. The Learning Forum is a digital learning environment, like Google Hangouts tailored for the classroom, that gives Minerva students freedom to be around the world while taking classes. It was featured in The Atlantic as a cover story, The Future of College?

… and as an engineering consultant.


Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs was one of the original Agile consultancies, and it was the first tech company I joined. While at Pivotal, I was tech lead for several engagements and helped several companies—from small to enterprise teams—build and pivot their product.

And I'm always trying out new side projects to keep up with tech.


I like to toy with statistics, machine learning, and typography.

  • Mint. Publishing for hackers
  • Letters. Debug your Ruby application with the alphabet
  • Stats. An experimental stats library for Ruby
  • ML. Machine learning experiments in Clojure