Want to find product/market fit? Or even take a product from idea to launch? I can help with that.

With 14 years’ technical experience, I’m a seasoned product guy. I enjoy finding great companies to work with, and some of my favorite clients have included brands you may know.


When you work with me, expect quality.

  • Customer-obsessed UX. I bring my T-shaped technical & UX expertise to your project.
  • Judgment + data. I bring a mature-but-current perspective, built up over 14 years of learning. I leverage that perspective, along with data, to see where your product should go next.
  • Quality & speed. These are often a tradeoff, but with experience, you learn to get both at the same time.
  • Communication. Great products are built in teams, and I have a lot of respect for strong, streamlined communication and thoughtful feedback.

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