About me

Hi, I'm David. I craft products in San Francisco—to get people the jobs they love, to reinvent higher education, and as part of the open-source community.

Once upon a time, I was a microbiologist. I studied cholera and tuberculosis and rabbit fever, both in school and at Massachusetts General Hospital. The original plan was med school, but five years of research changed that. While finding vaccines for terrible diseases was fascinating and fulfilling, I realized over time that I wanted to impact the world in a different way.

Computers impact the world at scale—which is both exciting and daunting. I'm convinced that a healthy blend of technology and human ingenuity is the right way to make lives better, and being a product engineer is one way I can make that happen.

When I'm not at work—and having a healthy work/life balance is a top priority for me—I enjoy traveling and writing, learning new languages, staying active, and finding new ways to engage with San Francisco culture.